5 Lessons I Learned From Email Marketing...
Look, there are a lot of ways to get traffic to your website or offer. None of them are cheaper or more effective than email. That’s the bottom line.  This is the most efficient, cheapest, and most effective form of advertising on the internet...and probably the world period.  That being said here are 5 things I have learned from email marketing over the past few years that will help you absolutely, positively, crush it: 1. GET TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER Don’t bother with names and quant “personalized” introductions. You’re not fooling anyone. Everybody gets that you sent that email out to a bunch of people. Instead get right into the content of what you are going to say. This works much better and makes you come across as less spammy. 2. BUTTONS Using buttons in your emails will increase click through rates. Using button colors red and black are the most effective. 3. FONT SIZE Use a nice big font for your emails. Size 18 to 20 are extremely effective for me currently and produce a nice big email for people to read without straining their eyes. YOU have to remember more and more people are reading their email on mobile devices. 4. HIT THEM IN THE MOUTH Use your subject line to “hit them in the mouth” then use the content in your email to explain why you did it. What I mean by that is you have to get their attention. And then once you have their attention you have to make them glad they took notice. So take care with your subject lines to make sure they create impact. The name of the game is impact. What works really well is the insinuation of education or the insinuation of something negative. 5. REPEAT SUBJECT LINE It is worth noting that click through rates test much higher on emails that repeat the subject line with the first line in their email. This works really well because it keeps the content of your email very congruent with “the reason” they opened it in the first place. Well... that makes 5. Let me know what you think and if you got a tip, drop it.
5 Lessons I Learned From Email Marketing...
Billy on 11 Apr 2021
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[FREE TRAINING] PART1 - What Type of Offers Works Best with Solo Ads? That generate SALES!
hey guys I decided to provide some basic written training like a guide here on UDIMI, since I get asked a ton what type offers convert best with solo ads. I hope these FREE training series will help many of you get sales! Before we talk about what offers do well we must first understand who exactly are we marketing to? Understanding Who Your Subscribers REALLY Are.. This is going to be a very important training in this guide.. get this right and it will show in all your marketing efforts today. I see many people marketing offers make this mistake a lot. The subscribers built with solo ads don't want flashy lambo's or Ferraris. All they want is a simple business that they can start to make some income from home.. They are happy if they can even make $1 just to proof that this “make moneyonline” thing actually works.. They are happy if they can even hit $10/day. These people have probably paid money and join all sorts of make money programs and are just looking for something that ACTUALLY WORKS.( They are willing to invest good money to get this to work!) I'm talking about thousands of dollars here ( high ticket stuff $500 , $1,000 - $5,000 and more..) If they were already making good money, they won't be in a solo ad vendor's list opening the emails and clciking on your link in the first place :) So in you're marketing you need to address their biggest fears and give some sort of assurance and small goals that seems achievable for the average person. that being said. Basically anything make money online related that fits our Solo Ad list Avatar mentioned in the previous section 1) MLM/ network marketing offers (works extremely well) 2) How to make money online with Affiliate Marketing 3) Make Money Online Wit Fiverr 4) Forex 5) Binary Options 6) PLR products 7) Done For You Offers (yours or affiliate offers) The list above is by no means the ONLy offers Basically any offer that seems “newbie friendly” and does not appear to be difficult to execute to make money will qualify as a good offer. Criteria's When choosing offers to promote When choosing offers to promote in my follow up or my “Thank You Page” I make sure the offer has on the sales page the following 1) Some Earnings proof ( doesn't have to be big) 2) Social media Proof 3) Video Sales video (Optional) 4) Contact details ( FB, SKYPE, Mobile Number) If the video has these offers in place there's a good chance you have an offer that can convert really with solo ads. Products/programs that Won't do so well with Solo Ads ( They can still convert but just not as good) 1) Hosting 2) Copy writing service 3) Personal development 4) Software & plugins for wordpress 5) Website templates 6) Basically any software that's website related 7) Graphic creation service Now let me explain why the above offers won't work so well. The offers above assume that they already have a business and WILLING to put more money in the business. 99.9% of the people built with solo ads don't have hosting and don't even know where to begin. So why do you pitch a website template when they don't even own a website? ALWAYS ASSUME that they are willing to start a website but only after they see the need. For now you need to cater to them as a complete newbie looking for ways to make money. Quick fixes and easy to implement strategies is whats going to convert well. Finding affiliate offers to promote is extremely easy. There are tons of products in the internet marketing scene today to choose from. Where do you find these offers? 1) Clickbank 2) Jvzoo 3) Warriorplus ( My favourite!) If you can come up with your OWN custom made offer , that will be even better since the offer is UNIQUE and you're the only one offering that same offer. Ok thats it for PART 1 - Part 2 Coming soon!
[FREE TRAINING] PART1 - What Type of Offers Works Best with Solo Ads? That generate SALES!
Brandon Sean on 9 Jan 2019
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