Amazing solo! 44% opt-ins, 2 sales. Super responsive. I'll be back!

by Christopher Mollo on 19 September 2022

I am making this video because I just bought a solo from Greg Prowse, and he delivered all of the clicks. It was 125 clicks solo. Probably the best solo traffic I have gotten on Udimi. 


Results and Quality of Traffic

I mean, I got close to 44% opt-in rate. I got two recurring sales. Excellent, excellent traffic. And I think it was like 40 cents a click. 


Personal Experience and Recommendation

Don't quote me on that. but I just wanted to make this video because out of all of the vendors and I purchased a lot of solo ads, this has probably been the best solo ad, could be the best solo ad that I've ever had so far. 


 Final Thoughts and Appreciation

So definitely um go ahead, and you can definitely buy with confidence and I know that you'll uh you'll get good results with Greg.  Thanks a lot, Greg, and I'll definitely be purchasing again soon.