Best solo yet! Ten sign-ups for my Yoonla campaign, great return!

by Justin on 06 December 2017

Hi guys, how are we doing? It's Justin here and I just want to give a quick view on Stefan.

Last night I bought 50 clicks off him, I ended up getting about 60, and I have to say that out of the 11 solos I've purchased on Udimi, this one was the absolute standout quite a long way.


Experience with Stefan's Service


I set my order at about midnight last night, I'm in Australian time, and when I woke up and checked this morning, the solo had finished and got all 60 clicks and I had 10 signups at Yoonla, which is just Yeah, really good.

So that's 20% signing. And if I get any conversions out of that, it's really good.


Revenue and Investment


So that's $40 I made just from that. I gave Stefan $21.  And then my conversions will put me way ahead. So, yeah, definitely was very, very impressed.


Final Verdict


And seriously, hands down, the best solo that I've purchased so far. So I don't know if I got lucky or if it's regular, but, jeez, it was really bloody good. So thanks, man.