Great solo! 98% T1, 97 opt-ins, 4 sales. Overdelivery! Top shelf!

by Gary Hullfish on 07 March 2017

Hello everybody, I just wanted to show you some live results. I ordered some traffic from Udimi. The seller was Desmond. I got 400 clicks and I bought them yesterday.


Purchasing Traffic from Udimi


And you can see I bought them on the 4th and on the 5th as soon as he started sending me clicks I got a new gold member sign up.

Right after that I got another customer which is a sign-up and they paid.


Gold Member Signups

And I also got two more gold member signups during the solo. And here's my opt-ins right here. Total of 97 opt-ins and four sales.


Results of the Traffic Purchase


And there you go. That's how good Desmond's Traffic is. And Udimi is just amazing. The sellers on Udimi that you get results. And here it is, right here. Total proof.