Very good vendor. I am runnng a Yoonla campagn and got 5 sign ups!

by Justin on 13 October 2017

User Experience


Hi everybody, my name is Justin, and I'm a relatively small time user of Udimi. I get 50 clicks at a time.

I've got about half a dozen sales so far. Most of the guys here, well, all of the guys here, have been really good. 


Commendation for Carmelo


But I've got to say I just had Carmelo, and he has been the pick of the bunch so far. The type of campaign I'm running is a Unila campaign, and the clicks that he got from me were very, very high quality.

It says that I got 50, but I actually received a secondary link and I got a little bit more than that. Um, which was awesome. 


Final Verdict and Recommendation


Uh, yeah. Um, for Unila, it was fantastic. And, um, I certainly will be coming back to him again because, um, yeah, the quality bleeds has been the best that I've had so far to date.

So if you want to give them a try, more than happy to recommend my name to it. Thank you guys.