Bought 150 leads, received 158, 34 subscribers, 22.67% opt-in rate.

by John Haggarty on 27 July 2017

Solo Run Purchase Experience


Yeah, just a quick one on the last solo run I did. Bought some from Jaden Bannister from the U.S. 22.67 opt-in rate. Bought 150, got 158. 


Lack of Tracking and Future Plans


Well, I didn't run it through a tracking, click magic tracking, which I should have done. And so I'll be able to check to see whether that was the case. Anyway, thanks, Jaden. And we'll see how we go with the list.

I'll do some work with it and go from there. 


Early Results and Appreciation


So early days yet, but yeah, a little bit low, mate. But that's okay. I'll just have to tweak a few things. So thanks very much for sending through those ads, mate. All the leads, much appreciated. And take care.