Lisa clarified the system. 16% response rate, half my first order.

by Cecelia Morris on 06 September 2017



Well, hello, everyone. It is Cecilia. And I wanted to send a video because I think my comment on LisaG might have been a little misleading.

Even though her response rate was not as good as what I got with my first list, it was still better than anything I've gotten with my Facebook advertising. 


Appreciation and Future Plans


So thank you, Lisa, for putting me out there in the universe. I appreciate all the responses that I got from your list.

And let's cross our fingers that they turn into sales. And I will be using you again in the future. 


Miscommunication and Gratitude


Like I said, for those who are reading the comment, do not be misled. I really appreciate the responses that I got from Lisa.

And also, she was really good about responding quickly to my messages about questions that I had on how Udimi works.


Final Thanks


So thank you again, Lisa. I really appreciate you.