George Capo delivered a great solo—got a sale with just 50 clicks!

by Randall Magwood on 14 April 2017

What's up, y'all? This is Randall Magwood. Just want to get a shout-out testimonial to George Capo. Gave me a great solo. Gave me a sale on only 50 clicks. So that's what's up. 


Positive Results 

Made my investment back, so I broke even on this one. And gave me a lot of high-quality leads, too. So I'm going to just follow up on them and wait until they convert, too. 



But he's one of my favorite sellers. I've been using him since... Ever since I got on Udimi's, I think it was about three, ever since three years ago. And he's always been reliable. He still is reliable. 



So if, you know, if you want some good traffic, then I see your best, your best interest to connect with George Capo and purchase his solos.  I'm out. Peace.