First run with Thomas Freeman, very pleased. I'll be back for more!

by Silas Washington on 06 December 2022

Hey guys, it's Silas Washington here, and I just wanted to make this quick testimonial for Thomas Freeman and I just wanted to thank him for working with me. This is my first run with him. I ordered 400 clicks. He's at 422. 

I received 260 opt-ins as well as 7 sales and also have, which is very important, a 30-day follow-up series.


The Importance of Clicks

So if you're going to order from him, definitely start off with at least 300 clicks because 100 or 50 or whatever, you know, it's not going to cut it. You're not even going to get your feet wet. So you want to go at a decent size. He's very active.

He communicates like within minutes. Well, for me, you know, whenever he's not busy.  


Giving Thomas a Try

So give him a try. Definitely going to continue ordering with him and go on my email list, which is an important asset. And I'm just going to keep my whole funnel the same since it's working.

And thank you, Thomas, for the great traffic.