Awesome solo! Got 55+ leads, 135+ clicks, huge overdelivery.

by Adriel Ozvna on 24 January 2018

Shoutout and Recommendation


Quick, thank you and shout out to Pedar for his high-quality solo ad campaign.

For anybody who's looking for somebody to purchase from, I highly recommend Pedar.

This is the link that I actually had him send traffic on over to. So results. 


Campaign Results and Benefits


First off, got a hundred click campaign from him. I've got a huge over delivery rate, which is nice.

But secondly, which was even better, was that I got 55 plus leads into my business. 


Successful Sales and Engagement


Third and final thing, the best thing of course, is that I got a sale on the front end.

I've already been able to see who's opening up my emails and clicking through. 


Conclusion and Encouragement


So anybody who's looking for high-quality leads, high-quality subscribers.

People who are hungry and engaged, reach out to PR, get some solo ads from him.

So thank you so much again, PR. Talk to y'all soon. Bye-bye.