20% over supply, 4 sales, all within an hour! Surprisingly quick!

by Justin on 23 September 2017

Yeah, hi everyone. You might have seen me on another video as well, because this is my first time at Udimi, and I've been testing the waters with three vendors. I bought two lots of 50 and a lot of 60.


Vendor Review: Mike

I bought 50 off Mike. He's delivered me with 60, which is a 20% over supply, so thank you very much. It was really surprising how quickly I got them.

There was just one big straight line. I went all through the stats and when I clicked on that, it was over a very, very short period of time.


Sign-ups and Sales

So out of that, I've got a few sign-ups and full sales. So very happy and more than happy to recommend. So thank you very much, Mike. I really appreciate it. I'll be back.