Daniel Huppertz delivered 311 opt-ins, 11 FE buyers. Great job!

by Bruce Weiglein on 09 May 2020

Experience with Daniel


Hi, I just wanted to make another video for Daniel. I'm running a thousand clicks through him right now and he is doing a phenomenal job.

I've got several hundred opt-ins right now, and I've got 11 buyers just within the last day, day and a half. And I mean, the buyers just keep rolling in. 


Impressive Traffic and Results


His traffic is just unbelievable. Uh, I, before, before I found Daniel, I had one buyer and that was off of a list of thousands of people.

And, uh, uh, that buyer didn't come till a ways down the road, uh, several emails going out to him. 


Finding Daniel


And now that, uh, now that I found Daniel, I'm getting buyers, front end buyers right off of the right out the gate. Uh, Daniel is a phenomenal, uh, seller.