Awesome run! Many opt-ins, over 200 clicks and overdelivery.

by Jermaine Powell on 05 April 2021

Diego's Performance


Hey, Diego did an awesome job, very communicative. He was on point. I know it was busy over this Easter year, 2020, 21, but he OD, he overdelivered had a lot of opt-in, over 58 opt-ins, had over 200 clicks, and I'm gonna let my system, you know, the automated system to follow up. 


Quality Over Quantity


I'm not looking at how many opt-ins, you know, that's good, but I'm looking at the quality, which I'm are he really pushed it. All right, so I want to give this review to my buddy. all right Diego he did an awesome job. Check him out, but I had some good options he owed he overdelivered did his job. Awesome, awesome, awesome. 


Waiting For Automation


So, now, I'm just waiting, you know, patiently for my system, the automation system to follow up and to update all right follow up is key you get a lot of opt-ins, but you do need to follow up on your people all right so but thank you again Diego thank you all right so I'll probably do some more some other runs. Thank you.