Very good optin, solid OD, and 3 new free trial sign ups. Thanks.

by Thomas Madden on 20 September 2017



What's going on, guys? Tom Madden, here giving a quick testimonial for Desmond Akil Smith on Udimi. 

He's a solo ad vendor I would highly recommend. He brings the quality. He's pretty quick on the delivery, and he gives pretty substantial, I think like 20% over delivery. 


Experience and Results


I've bought multiple solo ads from him, and very reasonably priced for the quality that he delivers. I've definitely made at least I'd say 5 to 10 actual sales from him.

I always get good opt-ins. I always get responses on my email follow-up campaigns from his leads. So yeah, I would highly recommend him. 


Final Thoughts and Call to Action


And if you want to check his page out, look at the description of this video. There should be a link in there directly to his page. So if you want to grab a solo ad from him, I would highly recommend it. 

See you guys.