Great solo! 13 leads for one program, 9 sign-ups for the main one.

by Michael Harris on 18 March 2017

Know um Jayden I really wanted to go ahead and do this uh quick video too uh what actually happened.

I had my main page and I had a sound form that uh came as a tracker inside uh the main program that you were promoting for me and uh that that form had 13 signups.

It's leads and my main program uh I got nine signups in that program and uh they can move from free to sales. 


Results and Potential Returns

So Even though I didn't get any sales today, that's 22 people you brought in for me. And it's nine possible sales and possibly, in the long run, 22 possible sales.


Closing Remarks

So listen, really appreciate it, man. Awesome solo. We'll be doing business again. Thank you.