I just ordered a solo ad! Тhat's cool. You can save some money!

by Christopher Lwin on 28 December 2019

A Quick Overview

Everyone, welcome to this video. In this video, I'm gonna go over Udimi. I'm gonna explain everything there is to know about it and do a quick review and show you how you can use Udimi to send traffic to your offers and make money, okay? So, first of all, if you don't know what's Udimi, let me quickly explain. 

Understanding Solo Ads and Udimi

Udimi is a network where you buy solo ads, okay? And if you don't know what's a solo ad, a solo ad is basically an email sent to, an email, actually, a kind of advertising where you pay someone else to send your email to their list. Okay, so that's solo ads, basically it's email marketing. 

Okay, so I'm gonna go over Udimi, I'm gonna share my experience with you, give you a couple of tips, and show you exactly how you can use it, alright?  So let's go over it. 

Creating an Account and Buying Solo Ads

So first thing you want to do is create a create an account. It's absolutely free, you don't have to pay for anything, okay? It's totally free, but obviously you have to pay for solo ads. And then you create your ad, you're going to come to a place like this it's going to look kind of empty at the beginning.

Obviously, I've bought a bunch of solo ads from Udimi because I buy a lot of solo ads and I just started using Udimi, and it's a good place I've been getting results, alright? 

Choosing Sellers and Solo Ad Deals

So, first thing you want to do is you want to go to solo ad deals. This is where, this is the place where you find some people are buying, who are selling solo ads, okay?  

These are basically top people most of the times and so yeah you can go there and see their offers and see what they're offering you know how much they're charging and that kind of stuff now then when you choose someone you gotta show watch a couple of stuff for example this is some person. 

I usually buy a lot of soul ads from so you don't just buy it directly from me, I mean you can buy it, but this is not something you should do you click on the profile image, and you go through actual solo ad page, okay? 

Creating Swipe and Placing Order

This is their profile. Also, you can add them to the your favorites in case if you want to order more again in future, so this is where you buy your solo ad basically choose the day, okay?  

You choose how many clicks you want I'm gonna actually buy one so you can see it for yourself uh you choose your swipe and uh your order. Now, here's a couple of things that you need to do. 

Checking Seller's Sales Percentage

You need to check before buying a solar the first thing you want to check is see how often people are getting sales. For example, this is a really good thing to look at. For example, for this person, 28% of people are getting sales.

Now, you want to buy a solo ad that is actually delivering over 20% in sales, okay? So, if people are saying they're not getting any sales, well, obviously, you shouldn't buy it, right? So, yes. 

Adding a New Swipe

So, this should be over 20%. This guy is sending 20 percent, which is really good. So, this is a good candidate.

Now, next thing you want to do after you find a person to, you know, find someone who you want to buy sold out from you need to go to this section, Swipes, and add a new swipe. 

Understanding Traffic and Options

Now, if you don't know what's a swipe, a swipe is basically your message, okay? The message you want to send to, you want it to be emailed.

So, I have three swipes I believe yeah, and I'm testing between different landing pages this is something you can do obviously if you have your own landing page and yep so that's my swipe basically.

If you want to add a new swipe you just click on this you create you give it a name uh actually you click on email solo ad okay you give it a subject give it text you can add links okay. 

Remember you have to add links so they're good they go to your landing page your sales page.

I totally suggest you to use a landing page do not send traffic directly to a sales page because that's a disaster okay because you're just gonna lose your money say yes.

So just actually you can send traffic directly to a sales page, but that's just in that's for special cases okay do not do that often because I've done it before but do not do it usually. 

I mean I usually have my swipes and send them to my landing pages as you see okay so that's what you do you basically create your swipe send traffic to landing page. 

Purchasing Solo Ads and Checking the Stats

Now, after you have your swipe obviously go back, you find a seller, and you just buy your solo ads.

Now, there's a couple of things that look to look for when you're, you know, uh when you're buying your solo ads.  This is the money badge. Basically, this shows that people are getting sales from this person. Again, this is something to look at.

For example, let's go here, and let's check out the stats you see 18 percent of If 18% of people are reporting sales, which is okay, but I wouldn't buy from this person.

So yeah, you have to just go and find the good ones. So let's go find a good one right now. 

Placing the Order and Using Discounts

For example, let's do from Malik. So yeah, again, so what I do is I find the person, click on the profile, and I choose my swipe. I don't remember which one is the one I want to send. Just let's go over and look at this one. How?

Yeah, so this is the one.  And I'm going to put it for Monday. Actually, let's put it on Tuesday. 100 clicks. And it shows you the price here. You can actually choose, give it some options. For example, only T1. That means only visitors from T1. tier one countries.

That's USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Okay? 

That's an option. I mean, usually, traffic that comes from these people are tier one uh if you take a look at here, 98 Tier one So, basically, this guy is already selling tier one uh traffic you don't even have to choose it. Okay?

So, but if you choose this, you're gonna get tier one traffic only. Okay, so this is not recommended if they're already sending tier 1 traffic. So don't worry about it.  No proxy is basically going to filter people who are using proxy, and no mobile is in case if you don't want to send people who are using their smartphones.

Okay, depends on offer. Sometimes I choose this, sometimes I don't.

But yeah again it depends on your offer and that's gonna add some cost as you see it's gonna ask add some $15 to my total not actual $15, but you get the idea.

So yeah so that's you choose your options you click on add to cart so again day and I believe I have some discounts let's go back to my ratings because if you buy a lot of clicks from Udimi they're basically going to give you discounts.

So let's go back to my Solos.  

Wrap Up and Tips

I believe I had some discounts. So yeah, use these discounts and also here's let me tell you something. If you decide to join Udimi, and if you want to join Udimi, I have a link under this video.

That's my affiliate link. So I'm just telling you that that's my affiliate link so if you join I'll make some money but also if you join for that link, you're going to be able to get discounts.

Every time you offer, you order so what So, that's a good thing, right? You get your discount. So, let me pick a discount here. I believe that's how you do it. I didn't get any cells but good. so great. 

So, let's see if, there you go. So, you see, if you do, if you join from my end my link you're gonna get discounts five dollar discounts every time you, um, every time you order a sold solar okay? So let's go, let's see if I can use this discount code.

I believe I cannot do that. Yeah, has to be at least 70. let's do, there you go. Perfect, okay. Now let's go use a PayPal just gonna blur this whole thing out, okay? There you go.

So as you see my I just ordered a solo ad for July 19th, 125 clicks. So that's how you do it, guys. So let me know if you have any questions. Again, you can join. 

Uh, literally using my link, I'm gonna make some money. Just, it's like five bucks, I believe. And then, you're gonna be able to get these discounts every time you order a solo ad.  So, that's really cool that's as you can save some money all right, so let me know if you have any questions.

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