Great service, delivered amazing traffic, got 1 sale instantly.

by Paul Groothuijsen on 12 June 2018

Welcome back to this video. This is the second part I want to show you. Because you've seen that I placed an order on Udimi for my solo ads. And now it's one day later. Colleague or Collab, this guy delivered 110%. So let's log into our clickfunnels and actually see what happened. 


Checking the Results


So go to stats. From your Rockstar funnel. you set the date to the 12th, because on the 12th he would be delivering his solo ads, so we set it on the 12th.

Then you can see that on the page he sent 106 unique visitors, and 39 people opted in, so that's a 36 percentage. 

So, 36% opt-in rate. I have to close the door because my washing machine is running. that's the book is if you are from home.  


Page Variations and Results


So we have two controls uh two pages which I'm gonna show you, and I've changed one, and you see that one page has done better. So the variation has all done the control page. So we go back and see what's the difference in those pages. You can see the text is different, but the image is also different. And I think this yellow pops more. 


Making Decisions Based on Results


So after one test you can decide, okay, next time I declare this the winner, I use the same header, maybe the same picture, and then I do a variation on that.

And the second solo ads, we might have another result that this page is performing better than the other one. So that's got the bullshit. What did it actually make?

Let me just show you. yesterday the 11th, and I didn't refresh the screen yet, so you can see it live. 


Profit Review


Yesterday, 11 June, I made 38 bucks. I placed an order, and the order cost 70 something bucks you see it in the previous part of this video, because we're gonna switch them together. So, let's refresh. Refresh. So you can see live what this solo ad has done for me. so I spent 17 bucks. And you see, it made 180. So by spending 70, I made 180. 


Potential Future Earnings


That's like 50 bucks. If you go down, you see that there are two people who are currently trolling. And the trolling stack rate is amazing, so potential of those two, I make 157 on those two. So that's like 300 bucks.  And I just spent 70. you can see that one bought the export secrets audiobook after buying the normal book. 


Upselling Strategy


So that's why this is amazing, because people buy maybe a book funnelhacker cookbook but later on they buy the funnelhacker immersion and that's how it goes. I can show you if you select the last two months.

For example, you can see here, full suite. This is just the clickfunnels stuff, but you can see here later on. I'm giving away free books. So I give away a free book here. Dot com secrets book. 


Recurring Earnings


If that other person decides to buy the audiobook, I make more. And that's what's happening here. For the audiobook, the eating box. Yeah, funnel scraps, 198. I've got 10 people who signed up for funnel university.  So this is recurring, every month as well. So that's how it works. the solo ad just gets them into the top of the funnel. 


Using Ibrahim's Service


And these offers, they are things that are for free. The front end is for free, so you buy a free book. But the second upsell it's like, oh, do you want the audio version so you can listen on your phone? Or do you want an extra course on traffic because you just bought the book?

How to build funnels, do you want extra training? Do you want funnel examples everything so you can see this actually if you want to try him, it's called Ibrahim. I just try them so if you want to try him, he's got some amazing traffic.  


Leaving a Review and Final Stats


Even though it's a three clicks from end layer are still made the same rating closes on enforcing these and just leave him a review and type amazing traffic got one sale instantly, and I don't know how 47 people opted in. So I made money and I grew my email list. So let's see the stats again. You can see he sent 106 visitors, 39 opt-ins. 


Conclusion and Invitation


So I'm gonna leave that. I didn't see. Also, I'm only 39 people of the lab. So you say you got one seed ancillary out of 160, 106 visitors. 39 of the lab. at a percentage of 36%. He instantly delivered amazing traffic. Got one sale instantly out of 106 visitors, 39 opt-ins. I will use this service. Just saying, thanks for the great service.  Great service.

So, this is when you leave a rating. So you see that the results don't lie. I don't lie. I actually showed you yesterday. I spent 70 bucks. Today I made 118. And those people are, remember, they're in my follow-up sequence. So that in the funnel. So today they got an email. that you start, yeah, tomorrow they got an email. that you sign up for ClickFunnels?

Next day they're gonna get an email, I think did you hook up your domain? Then they get an email from Did you install your email sequence?

So every time it's like redirecting back to the page with a task that they have to do to get these results. So, hope you liked the video. If you are not a part of the Facebook group, dive in there.  Wealth Rockstars. You can just find it on Facebook. It's a closed group.

I just started it. And I hope you sign up there. Ask questions share your results and I hope to see you in there so see you in the next video