Absolutely crushed my campaign. I got sales and unheard of optin rate

by Cliff Simon on 30 June 2021

Hey guys, my name is Cliff, this is a video response for Adel. I just wanna say I was over-satisfied with what Adel is done. And you not gonna believe the video, if I respond here and tell you how we did, you will probably disregard by the video. So instead I wait for a specially until I can get whatever I want to show you verified.

Verification Process

I had a contact, I contacted the proper people, and everything is verified. But I want you to see this, okay? Okay, so this is my get response. Adel is a new solo provider, he is a new seller so I'm a provider.

Purchasing Experience

I bought 100 clicks, now look at these numbers, he promised me 25 extra, so it's over delivered on his over-delivery. He gave me 152 totally and look at these numbers, have you ever seen this?

Adel's Performance

Now, let me just say this, about Adel, again, Adel is somebody with brain new, he is looking and makes it, but look at these numbers here. The same link I gave to some very high respected solo providers and pay good money for them. 4 of them I chose - the average is 35% conversion rate. So it's a load amount of clicks here. 


He is willing to do an ad for me, he did so much. I can tell for early, that he will be more than those people you have heard about. So there you go, this is my video response for Adel, and you know, Adel all the best for you in your great future. And for those who are watching, get now before the busiest period for Adel. Take care, have a great day and we will talk again.