Great leads! 22 sign-throughs after a 2.5-minute teaser video. Bravo!

by Richard Rose on 11 December 2017

Appreciation for Jason

I just want to say thanks to Jason. This is the second time I placed an ad with him, solo ads, and I'm getting great results.

Each time, it's amazing, each time I got a course 10% over. I shouldn't say a course, but he gave me 10 clicks more. 


Results and Benefits

I ordered 100, and out of that 100, I actually had 22 people sign through to my website. Now, that might not seem high, but you have to understand my teaser page is a little more in-depth.

You have to sit there and watch a two-and-a-half, almost three-minute video. 


The Process and Lead Generation

And then they go through to the website. And I ask a fair bit of information before they get through to my website. So it's really good. The leads I'm getting are the type of leads I'm looking for.  


Business Growth and Recommendation

This is what helps my business grow, and I really appreciate it. And like I say, this is the second time I've placed an ad. Love doing business with him. He's prompt, and I get what I'm looking for.

I recommend him. Bye.