I ordered 200 visitors and got 230! Significant overdelivery!

by David Oancea on 13 November 2019

Hi, my name is David. I want to thank Brandon Shawn for a great delivery of solo ads. I placed an order with Brandon last week, just about five days ago. He delivered on time.


Exemplary Delivery

I ordered 200 visitors, and he overdelivered with 230. Actually, out of four previous solo ad campaigns, his yielded the most leads for me. I had 43 leads, 6 sales, and these are for higher priced products. 


Significant Results

So it's really significant. And he communicated really well with me, offered some of his other services to help improve the results. And so I'm going to order more from Brandon. 


Anticipation for Future Campaigns

I look forward to another successful campaign. Thanks very much, Brandon.