Wow! Thanks, Khaled! Got 100 clicks, 43 opt-ins, and 11 signups!

by Daniel Yost on 18 June 2017

Hey, I just want to make this quick little video. I'm brand new to this internet thing, and I was turned on to udimi to do a solo ad. I'm just following directions here, and this is the real deal.

I just clicked on one of the solo deal sellers and saw that he had good ratings, and he had uh you know really good uh really good offer so um I tried him and I only got 100 clicks.


The Results

I got 100 clicks and out of those 100 I had 43 opt-ins and out of the 43 opt-insI had 13 no I'm sorry 11 11 signups 11 amazing.

So to me, I think that's good. If that's typical, I'm going to be doing this every single day, every single day if I can.


 Future Plans

Like I said, I'm brand new, and if these results are typical, which I don't know if they are or not, but I love it. I love it, and I'm going to keep coming. Thank you, Udimi, and I hope this helps anybody out there that's thinking about it.

Bye now.