Paying for Traffic Weaver, everything's great. Good traffic flow!

by Gabin Koffi on 20 June 2017

Hello, good people. My name is Gaben from Edmonton, Alberta. I'm shooting this quick video to show you the traffic website I'm using to make money online.  So you know that traffic is the most important thing to make money online.


The Traffic Source


So here is the traffic source I'm using. And let me share my screen with you so that you can see. OK, here. The traffic is Udimi. The traffic source is Udimi. 


Using Udimi for Traffic


That's the website. So you go to the website. And I have a link below this video that will send you directly to the website. 


Vendor Recommendation


And I'm using a particular solo ad vendor. I've been with her for, let's say, more than a year now. And everything is OK. The traffic she's sending me is good.  


Closing Remarks


And I recommend you go to the website, and you look for that traffic. Uh, solo app vendor particular. You see the name is on my screen here. And I've been paying for traffic weaver and everything has been doing great.

So I recommend you this traffic and this particular slow app vendor. 

Thank you and have a good day.