Got 70+ leads, working on them now. Jonathan's leads are outstanding!

by Mark E Fish on 22 February 2017

Initial Experience with Solo Leads System

Hey, Jonathan. So, it was unbelievable. I just tried this out of nowhere, i uh bought 400 clicks. He gave me a little extra more clicks. And out of the 400 clicks, I've got over 70 leads. 70. 7-0. 


Overwhelming Response and Recommendation

So now i'm inundated with leads, so i have some work to do. Now I just have to sell some of the products. But let me tell you something. The Solo Leads system works good. Jonathan Sow is unbelievable. I recommend him to anybody. 


Promoting Solo Leads and Health Products

So there you go. Jonathan Sow. Solo Leads. Work with them down here. Awesome stuff, guys. I'm with Health Products for you. LLC. I sell the Halo. Helo. However, you want to say it. It's a Halo for me. 


Final Thoughts and Recommendations

It's H-E-L-O. And that's F-O-I-U, F-O-I-U,  Go to that store and check it out. But Jonathan and Sol Leeds and Udimi, U-D-I-M-I are unreal. Love them, man.