Good vendor. Bought 50 got 57—14%OD. Quality contacts, will buy again.

by Justin on 06 October 2017

Yeah, g'day everybody, how are we doing? It's Justin here, just doing a very quick video review on Sally Fields.

I bought 50 leads off her the other day, ended up with 57. There were 61 in total, four of them were rubbish, so that ain't really count.


The Result and Delivery

So that's a 14% over delivery, which is pretty good. Out of those leads, I ended up getting, what was it, eight sign-ups. So yeah, pretty happy with that. So I think that the lady delivers.


The Evaluation

I've got no qualms. It was done in a pretty good time frame. And yeah, I reckon you should give her a go because if you have a look, she's got very good high scores, and it's well deserved.


Conclusion and Recommendation

So I'm more than happy and more than happy to recommend.  Good luck fellow marketers out there and have a good day.