Over 200 clicks, 60% opt-in, and 5 front-end sales—phenomenal results!

by Sam Randle Jr. on 03 July 2018

Hey, this is Sam Randall here. I just want to shoot a quick review here for Dan. Uh, the amazing results received, uh, a 220 clicks out of 200 over delivery as always.


Impressive Results

But here's the amazing part, uh, over 60 opt-in rate, which is crazy phenomenal. And on top of that, I received five up front in sales. Okay. Five front end sales, you guys. 


Appreciation and Recommendation

So And crazy, crazy results, always consistent. Dan, you're doing a hell of a job, man. I appreciate you, man.

And we'll be doing more business and referring my entire team to you to get traffic. 



Thank you. God bless. See you at the top. See you at the bank.