Thanks, Thomas! Ordered 300 clicks, got 347 and sales. Great run!

by Silas Washington on 21 December 2022

Hey guys, this is Silas here and I just want to make this another testimonial for Thomas and his credible traffic.

So I ordered 300 clicks and got 347, and I had got two sales. 


Testimonial for Thomas

and also, I got people going into a trial um and because of him, I made some commissions on the uh I saw I got 76 in here.

I had basically this on this platform I'm using um warrior plus i um took the 76 I made from the previous track for him from the follow-up and stuff. 


Summary and Gratitude

And then let's come into my um on my car, and I'm gonna um buy more traffic from him. So thank you, Thomas, and see you later.