Amazing solo! 52 opt-ins, 2 sales on 100 clicks. Highly recommended!

by Christopher Mollo on 26 September 2022

Hey there, Udimi buyers. I wanted to just take a minute. Normally, I don't make these videos, but I just got this solo ad from, I think it's Mantis Potious.


Review of Mantis Potious

I think that's how you say it, I'm sorry if I mispronounced it. Excellent solo. Bought 100 clicks solo, 52 opt-ins, two sales, made my money back and then some, and now I have 52 new leads. 


Praise for Vendor

This guy's traffic is really, really good, one of the better vendors that I've purchased from on Udimi. So don't hesitate. Give them a shot. 


Final Thoughts

Thank you very much for the traffic. Take care.