Great results as always! Bought a 250-click solo ad, got 275. Awesome!

by Xavier on 14 June 2020

What's going on guys, Xavier here. Guys, I'm leaving a testimonial for Andalise. I purchased a 250 click solo ad from him a few days ago. I got a total of 275 which is awesome. 


Click Origin and Quality


As you can see, 95% came from the US. Good stuff. If we go over to click magic we'll see that I got a total, I got actually a little bit more 278 278 clicks 136 actions, and a total, a whopping total of 48.9 percent opt-in rate, which is awesome stuff, guys. 


Sales and Conclusion


I made some sales, um, I made these two sales right here. Okay, which gave me a grand total of 50.93 so good stuff guys, and I'll be buying more, take care.