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6 years+ solo ads provider for 6/7 figure online marketers. Lots of happy customers with sales! 90%+ t1 traffic & 10% OD. 500+ hungry subs added daily
From Philippines.
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Let me get you more HOT LEADS and SALES with my list full of buyers in the make money online niche. I have been selling solo ads on Facebook groups for over 5 years now and recently decided to sell on UDIMI. Make sure to order fast because my price will be rising once I get some feedback on Udimi. Why you should buy solo ads from me: - Top of the line customer support - Premium traffic with at least 90% coming from tier 1 country - 10% over-delivery on all orders - Hot leads that are excited to see your offer - 500+ hungry new subscribers are added to my list daily Book your slot now and get some quality clicks hitting your link. NOTE: I do NOT accept offers that want me to send traffic directly to a sales page. You MUST have a landing page. Also, I do NOT accept orders for desktop traffic only.
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CPA Marketing
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What Offers Work Well With Your List?
Any decent offer in the make money online space, be it crypto, internet marketing or forex will do well.
Do You Guarantee Any Sale?
I do not guarantee any sale, I cannot control the brains of my subscribers. What I can promise you is that I will deliver the highest quality traffic and they will be real humans.
What Tier 1 % of Traffic Will I Get?
You will get a minimum of 90% traffic from tier one country
Do You Offer Desktop Only Traffic?
No, desktop only traffic is not available.
When Will The Order Start?
As soon as I can, usually within a few hours unless you have a specific time you want the traffic to start, I can do that too.
How To Change My Link?
I cannot change your link for you, however, you can do it and the process is really simple.

1. Go to the Info tab of the order.

2. Click on the red "Change Link" button.

3. Enter the URL and submit it.

I will approve your link change from my end after it's been submitted.
Have Other Questions?
You can PM and ask me directly if you have any other questions that are not stated here. :)
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