How Udimi protects you

Safe environment

Udimi facilitates successful long-term relationships between buyers and sellers by ensuring a secure environment for quality traffic and payments. We meticulously control all aspects of solo mailing to guarantee complete security:

  • All payments are processed through Udimi
  • All traffic is filtered by Udimi to ensure there are no useless visitors or bots
  • Buyers pay only for verified traffic
  • Sellers receive payment only after delivering 100% of the traffic
  • Buyers receive an instant refund for any undelivered traffic
  • All ratings are genuine comments from Udimi buyers and sellers
  • We strictly control spam, unprofessional behavior, and communications

Passport verification

To start selling on Udimi, all sellers must pass a bank-grade identity verification process.

This process is facilitated through, the same system used by major banks and leading websites such as Visa, Amazon, and Just see the list of companies who relate on the same technology.

Udimi click filter

We have developed a sophisticated traffic filtering engine specifically designed for the solo ad market, ensuring that you never receive fake or useless traffic. Udimi automatically filters out such traffic, so buyers do not pay for it. More about Udimi Click Filter

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Payments and refunds

If the seller cannot deliver 100% of the traffic within 100 hours, the buyer automatically receives a refund. The seller only receives payment after all visitors have been delivered to the buyer.

PayPal / Card information

After blocking a scammer, we retain their PayPal account details, credit card information, and physical address. This ensures that the individual cannot register on Udimi again, even under a new name or email address. Furthermore, we protect our sellers from thieves, scammers, and even tire kickers, maintaining a secure environment for all. Live statistics of banned scammers.

Controlled communication

We have developed our own instant messenger, available on both desktop, mobile version and Android / iOS apps. This tool allows you to communicate safely with others on Udimi and maintain a verifiable history of your conversations, facilitating the easy resolution of any potential disputes. Five reasons to communicate within Udimi.

“Newbie Safe” for new sellers

New sellers must receive five positive ratings from buyers and wait 30 days after their first rating to continue transactions. This requirement discourages fly-by-night sellers because the effort and wait time involved, coupled with high risk, make it unprofitable. Additionally, if a scammer tries to cheat on Udimi, we can promptly block them and refund all affected users without issue.

Honest prices

Due to Udimi's immense popularity, the competition among sellers keeps prices low, even compared to the unregulated market where 95% of sellers are scammers.

If a seller ever asks you to make a payment outside of Udimi, regardless of the reason, report them to Udimi immediately. This could be an attempt to scam you by bypassing our quality traffic filters or by simply taking your money and disappearing.