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About me and my offer
With years of experience mastering traffic and conversions, I understand that when you buy traffic you are interested results only. That’s why I’m constantly updating my list with leads who are interesting in various offers. ✓ T1 90% traffic from Buyers Countries US, UK, NZ, AU, CA ✓ Fresh Subscribers Added Daily ✓ Traffic suitable for Work from home, MLM, Bizop, Crypto ✓ All traffic is generating from my own list (No reselling) ✓ +10% OD ✓ Fast Delivery
In what niche your list specialized?
Work from home, MLM, Bizop, Crypto. So, if you’re promoting any of these niche offers, feel free to order.
Do I also need to provide a swipe copy for the traffic campaign?
No, not at all. I write my own copies. I have been in the solo ads industry for 5+ years and know well enough what works.
Do you have fresh traffic ?
Yes! I add new subscribers to my list daily.
Do you over deliver?
Yes, I will send +10% more traffic to your order.
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85% United States
6% Canada
2% United Kingdom
2% Australia
2% New Zealand
3% all the rest
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