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100% Tier 1 List is built from High DA websites, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Etc. High Opt-in Rate. Sales Expected. Owner of X1 Marketing Inc.
Brandon T Stewart
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About me
I built my list from years of building websites. I have created some high DA websites and used Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing), Facebook Ads, and Native advertising to build a high-quality buyer's list. I am new to Udimi but not new to generating tons of traffic. I do what no other solo ad provider does, that I know of! (Will tell you after purchasing). I also offer 10-15% over-delivery with high opt-in rates. I add anywhere from 300-500 HIGH QUALITY ACTIVE subscribers to my email list per day.

I love giving advice and helping people optimize their campaigns. This has nothing to do with solo ads but it does show my character. Advice: Any online coach, guru, or self-proclaimed master out there that wants you to spend $5000 or more on teaching you how to make 10K per month....Offer them this instead - Give them $500 upfront (cover any of their direct costs) and 50% of your sales for 1 year! If they turn you down, then they can't really get you to 10K per month!!! It's just another scam!

I look forward to serving all of you with high quality traffic!
What is the average opt-in rate of your traffic?
Generally, 20-60%. It all depends on the quality of the capture page.
Can I expect sales with your list?
Yes! Sales are expected. They're not guaranteed as FE sales (front-end sales are harder to get) but with an aggressive email sequence, you can expect BE sales (back-end sales)
When will my solo ad start?
I usually tell all my clients around 24-48 hours, but most of the time it is within 12-24 hours.
Why should I choose you over other vendors?
As I stated in my bio area, I love helping people with their campaigns and their success online. I will be honest and straightforward with you about your campaign. Just as I spoke about all the so called "online coaches" out there, I will give you advice and helpful hints for free.
Do I need a capture page?
The answer is a MOST DEFINITE....YES! I want you to get the most out of your campaign. I will treat it as if it were my own.
Is there a "best' day to run my campaign?
In short, I would have to say no. The quality of the leads will be the same every day. The only thing that might change is the speed of delivery. Some days are faster than others.
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Lisa Romero
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 99 out of 100 visitors (-1%)
20 Feb 2023
No sales
Matthew Tilton
More than ordered, very helpful.
Udimi stats: Delivered 271 out of 250 visitors (+8%)
11 Dec 2022
Got sales
Daniel Smith
No Sales, Few leads, thanks!
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
5 Dec 2022
No sales
Carl Saling
Brandon over delivered on the clicks and he was super communicative. I would order again.
Udimi stats: Delivered 230 out of 200 visitors (+15%)
1 Dec 2022
No sales
Daniel Smith
No Sales, Various Leads to work with though, thanks!
Udimi stats: Delivered 100 out of 100 visitors
8 Nov 2022
No sales
Daniel Smith
1 Sale Various Leads, thanks!
Udimi stats: Delivered 112 out of 100 visitors (+12%)
2 Nov 2022
Got sales
Daniel Smith
Great Solo, got Couple Sales, and few Optins, thanks!
Udimi stats: Delivered 154 out of 150 visitors (+3%)
20 Oct 2022
Got sales
Daniel Smith
No Sales, few Optins to work with, thanks!
Udimi stats: Delivered 100 out of 100 visitors
16 Oct 2022
No sales