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Hello Udimi Family! My name is Don Beres and I am here to provide people with high quality traffic converting your visitors into long term clients.
Don Beres
From Canada.
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About me and my offer
Hello Udimi family! My name is Don Beres and I am here to provide people with high quality traffic converting your visitors into buyers and long term clients. I have been involved in the Internet Marketing niche for 10+ years with half of that spent in creating responsive traffic for my clients. I will be able to assist you with the following after I analyze your offer: - 100% Top Tier 1 traffic only! - My traffic works best for Make Money Online offers (MMO) , MLM, Biz Ops, CPA Networks, ClickBank, Warrior+, & JVZoo offers - diagnosis of your capture pages, sales pages and email swipes for better conversion rates - able to design pages in your funnel that have been tested and proven for your success. - discounts for first time buyers! - standard over delivery - 24-36 hour fast delivery - I am more than willing to help you and answer any questions you might have, so don't be shy and reach out to me! - Looking forward to working with you.
What countries are your traffic coming from?
My traffic is coming from 100% Tier 1 countries which are basically  from USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia, I don’t use tier 2 and 3 countries because these leads don't have a good track record of buyers.
How many subscribers do you add per day?
I add approximately 500 to 1000 subscribers per day and I remove all unresponsive leads to ensure my clients will be receiving a list that is both fresh and responsive.
How many clicks can you send per day?
I normally send about 500 to 1000 each day, depending on how busy my scheduling is  that day.
Do you send the email swipes or do I have to write on my own?
I will write the swipes for you as I understand my list and what types of communications they like to receive and my list responds extremely well to my emails and the relationship I have developed with them.
How fast can you start after I place an order?
As of late my schedule is quite busy right now so realistically I can start within 24 to 36 hours.
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88% United States
3% Canada
3% Australia
3% United Kingdom
1% New Zealand
2% all the rest
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