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Timothy L Fetterson Sr
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Aaliyah Copes
Udimi stats: Received 100 out of 100 visitors
3 Oct 2020
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Aaliyah Copes
3rd campaign, awesome buyer to work with!
Udimi stats: Received 196 out of 175 visitors (+12%)
18 Sep 2020
Aaliyah Copes
Timothy, you did it again! :D I'm glad you received more sales. Thank you Timothy for selecting us again. Your business is Welcomed here anytime! :)
Udimi stats: Received 200 out of 175 visitors (+14%)
9 Sep 2020
Aaliyah Copes
Timothy is an awesome customer! :) He came to me with full faith in my service and didn't regret it! Thank You!
Udimi stats: Received 125 out of 125 visitors
9 Sep 2020