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Lucy Barlow
From United Kingdom.
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About me and my offer
Fast, friendly service, and a genuine interest in helping people flourish. Let's get you on track to more clicks, more business, and the financial freedom that comes with it! Offer 1: FREE Custom ad text on purchases of $250 or more (in a single spend) Offer 2: FREE 100+ pre written emails with purchases of 500 clicks or more (in a single spend)** Offer 3: "I Love Lucy" SPECIAL SURPRISE with purchases of 1000 clicks or more (single spend) *** ** Offer 2 - 100+ pre-written quality emails in the MMO, Work From Home, BizOps, Affiliate arenas. Just upload the emails to your autoresponder and replace the links with your affiliate links and URLs! Easy Peasy! Delivered as a text document in a download file, complete with easy to follow instructions. Instant access right after you order. ***Offer 3: Order 1000 clicks & get a special surprise. (it's nice to be nice!) ❗️Apologies - I do not accept "Desktop Only" traffic❗️ # 100% Tier 1 Traffic from UK, USA, CA, AUS, NZ # Typically providing 5 - 15 % over-delivery # Cultivated, Proven, Responsive list: 500-1000 new subs per day. 'Unresponsive' leads weeded out. # Advice and Tips on Squeeze Page, Opt-Ins & Funnels ???? # Newbie Friendly Advice & Help # Your Success, Satisfaction & Peace of Mind is my goal! # I'll do everything in my power to make you a loyal client! Including Special Offers! See below... # No Junk traffic from pop ups I am backed up by several fantastic Internet Marketing and Traffic Generation communities. I'm happy to pass on all the knowledge and tools I have accumulated! You will be well looked-after. Lucy
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How many leads do you add dally to your List?
Between 1000 and 2000 leads added to the list daily.
Are your leads QUALITY leads?
It's 100% Tier 1 Traffic (USA, UK, CA, AUS, NZ)
I nuture, clean and cultivate the list, weeding out 'unsresponsive' lead, ensuring that the list is packed with fresh, engaged subscribers.
Do you Accept "No Mobile" traffic Orders?
Sorry, no.
If you're desperate for "No Mobile" - message me with the unique circumstances / offer, and I'll see what I can do for you.
Can I show you my Opt-In / Website / Link / Offer before I order with you?
YES, You sure can!
Message me a link to your site/offer, and I'll look it over.
I'll let you know if it's a good fit or not, and offer any advice and guidance I can to maximise your success.
Can You Email to Your Buyer's List?
Your offering will be seen by my buyer-filled list.
As noted above - the list is cultivated to maximise engagement and action-taking.
Which niches can I advertise to your list?
I focus on Make Money Online, Business Opportunity, MLM and Network Marketing offers.
The list is cultivated with a view to maximising engagement with these niches.
For this reason, I don't currently accept offers from outside these niches.
Can you advertise my Weight loss / Dating / E-commerce Store / Physical Products?
Sorry, that's a NO.
As my list, my headlines and my ads are all optimised for MMO, BizOps, MLM, Network Marketing, I don't currently accept offers outside of these niches.

If I decide to create a list of leads primed for Health, Relationships or Physical Products, I'll be sure to make it known here on Udimi.
Do I need to provide an Email Swipe / Ad Text when I place an order?
No, you don’t have to. I provide professionally written ad text and materials.
All you need to supply is the URL / Link to your web page or offer.
I can send you up to 5 TESTED Headlines - with the best performing headline highlights for your attention!

I have accumulated a huge library of tried and tested swipes, headlines and Ad copy - which I am happy to tailor to your needs to maximise your success
If I order with you again, do I get fresh new visitors/traffic to my offer?
Absolutely YES!
I use my own tracking tools and systems that ensure NO visitor sees the same offer twice!
How well does your traffic convert? What is the typical Opt-In rate?
Generally, conversion rates average between 15% - 50% (from click to opt-in). 
The quality of your lead capture (squeeze) page makes a big difference though!
High quality pages convert more - badly designed/planned pages may convert less.
Hit me up, send me a link to your page and I will come back to you with any advice and guidance I can - my goal is to maximise your success! (Everybody wins!)

# Think about the overall look of your site. 
# Think about the quality of the graphics, font, size & colours.
# Take time to perfect the message in your copy.
# The more fields they have to fill in (Phone No. / Address / Age), the lower the conversions.
# Once you've got an opt-in, you can follow up, build a relationship, and glean more information
# I recommend you always send your traffic to an OPT-IN page, rather than to an affiliate link, sales page, or even a webinar registration page. 
# Generally, webinar registrations tend to have lower opt-in (5% to 15%) from solos
How long do you take to start and complete my order?
Traffic flow starts within 24 hours from the time and date you choose.
Orders usually complete in 30 - 72 hours from the start of traffic flow.
Where do you get your Leads from?
I get my leads mostly from Media Buys, so my leads are not junk leads that get spammed everyday.
I’m ready to buy - what do you need from me?
Just your Offer / Web-page URL link!
I will send you a tracking link to track clicks once the traffic flow has started.
Can I see YOUR Opt-In page?
YES and NO
In the past, people opted in to my page and then copied my emails - so I stopped sharing my opt-in page

If you like I can send you a screen shot of what it should look like.
I also provide a custom landing page design service!
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92% United States
1% United Kingdom
1% Canada
6% all the rest
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5 Apr 2021
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