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I am 74 years old and have studied God's word for 50 years. My passion is what is it to believe God to be healed, and "Old Fart Health."
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First of all, it is not a business, it is a passion to see people healed in the name of Jesus Christ! The "Old Fart Thing," is tied in because the longer you can breathe and you have a physical problem, like cancer, the more time you have to believe God's word to be healed! The website's purpose is to provide inspiring posts and teachings to encourage others as well as ourselves and shine a light of hope in this day and time I started a post series around Xmas, 2021 since then I receive over 16000 comments on the series. I am ignorant of what this meant, but I knew it was good. Now the problem was what do I do with 16000+ users from WordPress. This is what I have done on my own to clean the commenters to this post series 1-I take the contacts from word press after they were "Quote Cleaned" Askimet 2- I go through all the posts and try to trash the crap, but can't really do that, just as you said 3- Then send the list to emailable to supposedly to clean it 4- Then do Mailchimp to add supposedly subscribers and send an email to opt-in or opt-out I think you get the point! I am getting between 100-150 commenters daily as the series develops Just tell me how to make my list to people who want to learn about being healed, clean it, baptize it, I don't really care. Allow me to write and you take care of the list, that would be a great blessing at my age. And these people that go around your system that has taken a lot of time and money to develop, I just don't understand greed! Thanks Dave Howe
What am I buying?
You are buying people that wanted to read Christian posts, hopefully on being healed
What is the source for your subscription list?
Simple, only one, The people that comment on our healing posts
Why would I buy the list about healing?
Simple, if you aren't interested in reaching people that read the bible, you shouldn't!