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I've been in the online marketing space for 20 years. I've consolidated every resource at my disposal to deliver the absolute best results possible.

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Eric De Niverville
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Premium Tier 1 Traffic for Maximum Conversions • 95%+ Tier 1 traffic (US, UK, CA, AU, NZ) • 6-figure email lists across major niches (MMO, BizOpp, Health, Crypto, Marketing) • 75%+ mobile users • Trusted by 20,000+ businesses including Arby's, Ford, AirBNB, FedEx High opt-in rates guaranteed: Double opt-in leads | Buyer-rich lists | 100% A.I. Sorted & Cleaned | 98% Inbox Rate | Campaigns sent 7 times for optimal conversion We guarantee every click ordered. Real buyers included in traffic. Ready to boost your conversions? Order now for premium solo ads that deliver results!
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What is a solo ad?
Solo ads are email-based advertisements that are sent to a seller's email list on behalf of the buyer.
What are the benefits of buying a solo ad?
Solo ads can quickly drive targeted traffic to your offer, often resulting in leads and sales.
How does buying a solo ad work?
Select the desired click count, provide your link, and complete the payment process. The seller will send your advertising to their email list.
How long will it take for my solo ad to be delivered?
The seller will deliver your order within 100 hours or less.
How can I track the results of my solo ad?
Udimi tracks and filters your clicks automatically. You don't have to use any external tracking.
What type of traffic do you provide?
95%+ Tier 1 traffic (US, UK, CA, AU, NZ), with 75%+ mobile users.
Which niches do you cover?
All major niches including MMO, BizOpp, Health, Crypto, Marketing, and more.
Simply ask for something specific, and we'll tell you if we can accomodate or not.
Do you guarantee clicks?
Yes, we guarantee delivery of every click you order.
Are there buyers in your traffic?
Yes, our lists include real buyers, increasing your chances of conversions.
How do you ensure high opt-in rates?
We use double opt-in, credit card surveys, AI sorting, and send campaigns 7 times.
What's your inbox delivery rate?
We maintain a 98% inbox rate for maximum visibility.
Can you handle large orders?
With our 6-figure email lists, we can accommodate orders of all sizes.
Do you offer any unique advantages?
Unlike most providers, we send campaigns 7 times for optimal conversion rates.