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**Real Premium Responsive Traffic That Converts from A Marketer With Over 10 Years Experience. Includes Buyer List and Guaranteed Overdelivery**
Ken Chong
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About me
I have been doing internet marketing for the past 10 years with strong focus on biz opps, affiliate marketing and make money online niche. My list is hyper responsive and I have built them up throughout the years using various methods such as PPC, Adwords and organic traffic methods. When you buy my traffic, you are not just buying clicks, you are buying results as your offer will be shown in front of real human eyeballs and they are virtually guaranteed to interact with your offer. This is what you will get when you order with me:

1.Min 10% Overdelivery
2.Min 95% Tier 1 Countries
3.Buyer List Included
4.New, fresh subs of 500 to 1000 leads added daily

Since my list is constantly updated, I can almost say that your offer will not be seen by the same person twice. So you can keep ordering traffic for the same offer every day and it will not be the same.

Buy with FULL CONFIDENCE Today!!
How Many Clicks Can You Deliver Per Day?
I can deliver up to 1000 clicks per day.
What Do I Get With My Order?
You will receive min 10% OD, 95% Min Tier 1 countries and fast delivery. Most orders are completed within 24 to 72 hours depending on the number of clicks that you order.
Do You Guarantee Sales?
While I am confident in the quality of my traffic, I cannot guarantee sales as it all depends on the quality of your offers. I do recommend that you set up autoresponder emails once you have captured the leads as it takes people to look at your offers mutiple times before they make a buying decision.
How Many Slots Do You Have Per Day
I limit my solo ads to 2 slots per day. Once they are taken, there will not be any more slots available. I respect those in my list and am careful to not keep them bombarded with offers all day long to maintain quality.
Do You Offer Any Upgrades?
Yes, i am able to provide 100% Tier 1 traffic for those who want better quality and more targeted traffic. I can also do 100% no mobile clicks for customers whose page do not work on mobile.
What Are Some Pages That Will Not Be Accepted?
1. Direct To Sales Page Offers
2. Double Opt in Pages
3. Offers with Explicit Content
4. Squeeze Page That Asks for Phone Numbers (**from my experience, most of the numbers are fakes and you run the risk of getting into trouble with authorities and states with a strong do not call, do not spam laws**)
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Jeffrey Tan
Great solo. Thanks.
Udimi stats: Delivered 114 out of 100 visitors (+14%)
11 Apr 2021
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Marianne Tumminello
Fast,efficient,good solo's
Udimi stats: Delivered 201 out of 175 visitors (+15%)
10 Sep 2020
N/A sales
Marianne Tumminello
Fast ,professional & good solo's Thank You !
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
2 Sep 2020
N/A sales
Marianne Tumminello
Professional,Ontime delivery Good solo's Thank You !
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
1 Sep 2020
N/A sales