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Targeted Email Advertising Service

We Will Send You More Traffic And Sales

I offer the best solo ads in the industry. My email ad service is 100% opt-in and spam-free.

When you use my double opt-in mailing system you are advertising to the safest and most responsive leads available. All of my leads are double opt-in and 100% spam-free service. You are not at any risk of spamming when you use my email traffic.

*Highly Targeted Solo Ads for BizOpp or Make Money Online niche

✓90% Tier 1 Traffic
✓Responsive Targeted Traffic
✓Google AdSense Safe
✓CAN-SPAM compliant
✓Extreme Targeting
✓Buyer Traffic Included
✓Highly Engaged Potential Buyers
✓ Traffic suitable for MLM, Bizop, Make money online
(MMO)(Sorry we can not deliver "No Mobile" traffic!)

Targeted Email Traffic through me enables your business to reach thousands of consumers who are likely to be interested in your products or services.
Do You Accept "No Mobile" Traffic Orders?
No. Sorry, I don't. Mobile traffic is growing fast.
What Niche is Your Email List For?
Your Optin/Squeeze Page must be Internet Marketing/Make Money Online related.
Can You Guarantee Sales?
NO! I guarantee I will deliver the traffic you purchased. I also guarantee I will provide 100% real traffic (no fake or crappy clicks here). Other than this, I cannot guarantee any results (leads or sales). My Traffic is good but I have no idea how my subscribers will react to your optin/squeeze page and your offer. This is advertising after all.
Can I Show You My squeeze/optin page Before I Place My Order?
Yes! Just send me a message and we can talk about it.
Can I Update/Change My Link For A Current Order?
Yes. if you wish to update your link for a current order just follow this instructions:
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Vf Skeye
Super solo, 65%Optin, Got 1 Sale
Udimi stats: Delivered 50 out of 50 visitors
24 Aug 2021
Got sales
Vf Skeye
Nice run, 70% opt-ins, no sales yet.
Udimi stats: Delivered 50 out of 50 visitors
24 Aug 2021
No sales
Vf Skeye
Great traffic and multiples up front sales. Great run for a small amount of traffic buyer. I will buy again!
Udimi stats: Delivered 50 out of 50 visitors
12 Jun 2021
Got sales
Vf Skeye
Great Run, 60% opt-in and Sales
Udimi stats: Delivered 50 out of 50 visitors
12 Jun 2021
Got sales
Thanks for your efforts
Udimi stats: Delivered 250 out of 250 visitors
29 Apr 2021
N/A sales