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Alex Ooi
From Malaysia.
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** PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT NICHE ONLY ** Hi fellow email marketer in the PD niche.Thanks for dropping in. So you are looking for LEADS THAT CONVERT for your email marketing business? Let’s head straight to what matters most to you. HERE ARE TOP 5 REASONS you’ll want to buy from me: 1. GUARANTEE: You can count on me to drive to you the HIGHEST-QUALITY, LASER-TARGETED TRAFFIC. Oh yeah, EXCELLENT OPT-IN RATE too. 2. You will get BEST CONVERSION FOR YOUR OFFER if it is in the P_ersonal Development, Law of Attraction (LOA), Manifestation, Wealth & Abundance and Success_ niches. Because my list has been tested to be very responsive to offer in these niches. 3. You will get LEADS THAT ARE AS FRESH as they can be. Because I actively grow my strong list daily. 4. You will get HIGHLY RESPONSIVE SUBSCRIBERS. Why? Because I’ve been consistently building close relationships with them, and converting them into PROFITABLE REPEAT PAID BUYERS - using proven strategies of _Ben Settle, Anik Singal, Andre Chaperon and Matt Furey_ (I’m sure you know who they are). In fact, they are a big influence in how I’ve successfully created highly engaged subscribers and recurring income - moving their heart, mind and ultimately wallet! 5. You get to leverage on my proven experience and knowledge for FREE! Yes, which means you’ll get personal access to me and get to learn quick tips on how to OPTIMISE YOUR LANDING PAGE, CREATIVE AND EVEN OTO, so you can MASSIVELY INCREASE YOUR OPT-IN RATE, CONVERSION AND RESULT. _Anyhoo, just heads-up __that..._ _ I gotta access if there is a good fit between your offer and my list, and if there is any available slot that fits you (currently my business only permits one solo ad every two weeks) - __Yes, all because I value amazing, long-term relationships with all my partners that I’ll ONLY accept order when I know I can DELIVER THE BEST RESULT (OR OVER-DELIVER) TO YOU._ Sounds good? Any questions? Feel free to ask me any questions you have. I’m here to help you the best I can, and address your queries (often with brutally honest answers that no one else will tell you. Cheers.
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