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From Croatia.
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About me and my offer
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9 Million Clicks Delivered and Counting..Your Results are My Priority ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ***Traffic Service Disclaimer - Please Read*** Please note: If you're planning on buying traffic from me, there is a high probability that you will get conversions/sales during the actual run of my traffic, however, there is still a possibility that you won't get sales right away or at all. Please understand that I am providing you with a high quality lead generation service (and not a guaranteed sales service) and it is up to you to offer those leads a high converting offer, then follow up with them to get sales. That's the ideal way for you to get sales and make money in the long run. If you have unrealistic expectations and in case they are not met with your order, and you're planning on giving me a negative review for no reason, please do not buy from me. Thank you. -------------------------------------- ABOUT MY SUBSCRIBERS -------------------------------------- > I build my lists outside of the solo ad circles, my list is fresh and my leads are not on hundreds of others lists. > Every subscriber I have is pre-warmed up for Biz Opp / Work From Home offers during a period of 1-3 months before they EVEN QUALIFY to see your offer. Also please note that: >>"NO MOBILE | DESKTOP ONLY" ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED however, speed of delivery is capped at 200 visitors per day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS I'VE BEEN BRINGING MY CLIENTS EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☑️️Here's what you can expect: √ Premium Solo Ads Traffic from my own list of email subscribers √ Well-known Traffic Specialist √ 100% Top Tier Traffic Only √ FREE In-Depth Funnel Review And Recommendations √ High-grade Top Notch Customer Service ☑️️ ABOUT ME Sending Quality Traffic Since 2015 9 Million Clicks Sold and Counting 1000+ Clients Around the Globe 25,000 FRESH new subscribers added to my list weekly ☑️️ MY TRAFFIC TO YOUR OFFER 100%+ Tier 1 Countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) 100% Unique Visitors & Real People ☑️️ NICHES Make Money Online MLM Biz-Op CRYPTO Work from home Affiliate Marketing If you have any questions or doubt if your offer will work with my list, send me a message with question and your link and I'll let you know my opinion as soon as I can - usually within 1-2 hours. Kind Regards Ali Lihic ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☑️️Questions? Check out the FAQ section or feel free to send me a private message. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS: Thank you for stopping by, I look forward working with you.
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Do you have buyers on your list?
Yes, my leads buy BizOpp offers . I earn $10,000 - $30,000 per month in affiliate / CPA commissions promoting business opportunity offers in varous Affiliate Networks.

Proof is in the pudding:
What is the Tier 1 percentage of your traffic?
I ONLY OFFER 100% Tier One Traffic AND USA ONLY.
Every order comes with up to 10% Overdelivery as a standard.
How many subscribers do you have on your list?
At the time of this writing, my Autoresponder list has 112,429 email subscribers
Every subscriber that does not open my newsletter is automatically removed after 21 days.
This way I'm able to ensure only qualified & active leads see your offers.
Can you guarantee a certain opt in rate or sales?
The simple answer is no, I would very muuch like to, but I simply can not.

My job is to deliver quality and real human-based traffic to any site of your choosing, but it's your full responsibility to make sure that your pages and tracking works, and that your funnel is able to convert the traffic into paying customers.
What Niche Is My Traffic Suitable for?
Works best for BizOpp (Home Based Business Opportunities) & MMO ( Make Money Online), Crypto  and Work From Home
More Questions?
Send me a private message here, I will reply as fast as possible. Thanks!
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96% United States
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24 May 2021
thanks for the traffic
Udimi stats: Delivered 478 out of 475 visitors (+1%)
Got sales
20 May 2021
great traffic thanks
Udimi stats: Delivered 518 out of 500 visitors (+4%)
Got sales
5 Jan 2021
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 165 out of 150 visitors (+10%)
10 Dec 2020
Great solo got multiple optins lead to sales awesome traffic.
Udimi stats: Delivered 201 out of 175 visitors (+15%)
Got sales
Nanda Brougham
2 Dec 2020
optins was much lower than expected but i did get a sale. communication was great and Ali was helpful. much appreciate the OD so still positive overall
Udimi stats: Delivered 345 out of 300 visitors (+15%)
Got sales
26 Nov 2020
Great solo got multiple optins lead to sales terrific traffic
Udimi stats: Delivered 220 out of 200 visitors (+10%)
Got sales
Reed Floren
14 Nov 2020
$1.14 per lead. 99% Top Tier - 40% Optin Rate 43 optins. No sales yet but was a small test of only 100 clicks 108 clicks delivered 8% over-delivery.
Udimi stats: Delivered 108 out of 100 visitors (+8%)
My American Dream Lifestyle
11 Nov 2020
A Knowledgeable Professional with Excellent Customer Service
Udimi stats: Delivered 97 out of 225 visitors (-57%)
No sales
My American Dream Lifestyle
28 Oct 2020
This gentleman is a true professional! Five Star Vendor!
Udimi stats: Delivered 216 out of 400 visitors (-46%)
Got sales
20 Oct 2020
great solo got multiple optins lead to sales. great traffic!
Udimi stats: Delivered 207 out of 200 visitors (+4%)
Got sales