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100% Tier 1 Traffic/ Mainly Bizopp & MMO, Fast Delivery, Up to 20% Over Delivery...Delivery within 24 to 48hrs/72hrs at most. Order Now!!
Deshon Jenkins
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About me
I have learned a lot and want to help others. I have been in affiliate marketing for over 3 years now and am ready to help with the most important source of online marketing and that is traffic. I offer traffic from 100% Tier 1 countries . Deliver high-quality tier-1 traffic. Most of the subscribers will be from Tier-1 countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and New Zealand.. Fast delivery& 20% OD With All Orders. I respond within 24 hours usually sooner. I look forward to bringing you good service and helping your business grow.
Why should I trust buying from you ?
Because I have been been sold bad traffic before when I first got into affiliate marketing and I know what that is like. My selling profile may be new, but the amount of knowledge I have accumulated is very seasoned. I will not allow you to go through what I went through, so you will receive nothing but quality traffic when you buy from me that I guarantee.
When will my solo begin?
Your order will be processed asap and you can expect to see traffic within 24hrs.
What is the average op-tin rate of your traffic?
This varies and it depends on your offer, so it can be between 20% & 80%. My experience is that it falls in the middle of those two numbers.
Do I really need a lead capture page?
I highly recommend that because most sales conversions happen in the follow up. I will still send traffic for you if you insist on running traffic directly to your sales offer, but I do not recommend building someone else's list when you could be building your own.
Can I expect sales with your traffic?
Honestly, I hope you make sale, after sale, after sale, but I cannot guarantee that. I can only guarantee you that I will deliver quality traffic to your offer. No one can guarantee you sales .
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PL Helms
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 165 out of 150 visitors (+10%)
17 Jul 2022
N/A sales
PL Helms
I always get really great traffic from Deshon! I will continue to come back. GREAT SELLER!
Udimi stats: Delivered 140 out of 125 visitors (+12%)
30 Jun 2022
Got sales
PL Helms
Great send. Got lots of optins. Will definitely order again.
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
31 May 2022
N/A sales
Italia Or Linda Elze
Great solo..great delivery..thank you
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
26 May 2022
No sales
Italia Or Linda Elze
Great solo..great delivery..thank you
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
11 May 2022
No sales