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BUY with confidence HIGH QUALITY 100% US traffic/OPTIN (25-55%)/ up to 500 fresh subs daily/20% OVERDELIVERY/ BUYERS LIST included/ top niches
120 / 2
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About me
My list includes niches such as:
I offer an extra 15-20% over delivery!
Where is your audience from?
Mostly t1 ( English speaking countries) and I usually filter out the other countries
How you grow your list
I manage to build my list from non-solo ad traffic sources like email drops, media buying, PPC with Bing and Google and other media buying activities
Subs per day
from 200 up to 500 daily!
Optin rate
I do optin rate around 35-45% depending on the offer
Will I make sales?
I can't predict this because there are so many factors involved and I can't control other people's actions or behavior. Some people make sales right away and some make them later but I can't guarantee that you will make a sale, nobody can.
How long will it take to deliver my traffic?
I always try to do my best to deliver it as fast as possible, but I'm mostly busy with orders, so I would say around 24 h, sometimes it might take a bit more
How can I change my link?
I cannot change your link for you, however you can do it and the process is easy.

1. Go to the Info tab of the order.

2. Click on the red "Change Link" button.

3. Enter the URL and submit it.

Then I will accept your new link and deliver your traffic:)
Top tier countries
United States
Testimonials from buyers of Artemis
Mick Ellis
Very nice. Thank you so much. Great JOB !!! Lets do this again soon. I will definitely be back for more. Very good job.... Mick
Udimi stats: Delivered 345 out of 300 visitors (+15%)
21 May 2022
Got sales
James Donovan
Fantastic! Almost 40% Opt-In Rate.
Udimi stats: Delivered 86 out of 75 visitors (+15%)
18 May 2022
N/A sales
Marcus Martin
Great solo once again and over-delivered.
Udimi stats: Delivered 345 out of 300 visitors (+15%)
12 May 2022
No sales
Joe Libby
Another good solo. Good communication and fast delivery. Thanks, Artemis!
Udimi stats: Delivered 345 out of 300 visitors (+15%)
12 May 2022
N/A sales
Fernand Brodeur
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 345 out of 300 visitors (+15%)
7 May 2022
N/A sales
Brian Allen
0 optins & 0 sales Excellent customer service and response time.
Udimi stats: Delivered 173 out of 150 visitors (+15%)
5 May 2022
No sales
PL Helms
Great job!
Udimi stats: Delivered 58 out of 50 visitors (+16%)
5 May 2022
N/A sales
Ergis Collaku
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 58 out of 50 visitors (+16%)
3 May 2022
No sales
Joe Libby
Another good solo from Artemis. Good communication and the traffic is good quality. Thanks!!
Udimi stats: Delivered 230 out of 200 visitors (+15%)
29 Apr 2022
N/A sales
Johnnie B Wilson
Thank you for the traffic. Ordered 125. After 12 filtered useless. Received 144. Had 47 options.
Udimi stats: Delivered 144 out of 125 visitors (+15%)
28 Apr 2022
No sales