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I am a Brand New Solo Ads Seller who will go additional Mile to win and help Grow your Business and score positive criticism to Build my profile,
Joseph Sunday Nwabunor
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About me
Pure Traffic, NO BOTS & TROLLS.

Please try as much as posible to chat me up before placing an order. ( It is important that i exermine your link if it´s fine before you place your order)
If there is anything you need to understand, do ask me for more clarification.

***Our first 10 customers will get leads at only 0.55 cpc for 95% top tier ( USA/CA/AU/UK/NZ). Once we receive satisfactory review of the first order, you will get the same discount agail for your Second Order. It's a Win-Win All The Way****

** Expect to receive 93-100% top tier clicks with a steady flow of top tier visitors from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with a Buyer´s Mindset.

** We will deliver your order within 30 hours from when it was accepted.

** Do you want a 100% Top Tier? Yes, It´s very Possible. Talk to Us.

** All the Traffic will be filtered against bots, fakes, injections, and other types of fake traffic. You are 100% Paying for only REAL HUMAN CLICKS. After Delivery, you will also get a Filter Report showing you the breakdown.

** 25% OPT-IN Rate Is Guaranteed.

Do You need More Explanation?
Please do visit our Q&A Section or Send Us a Message!!
# When will my order start?
As far as your offer is good after our test, we will deliver your order within 24-30 hours.
# How Do I know the Genuity of the Tracking?
As our Customer we will provide you with a Tracking Record to Proof if you don´t have any.
# Do you count raw clicks or unique clicks?
Since you are paying Per Visitors and Not Per Clicks, total Unique Visitors will be counted. If any Visitor clicks on your link more than once, review will be done and only one click from that individual will be counted.
# Do you offer USA only clicks?
Yes we do!!
Contact us for more details.
# What is the source of your clicks?
It is Purely from one the Top Providers (Igor Kheifets') & other Exclusive Sellers 90-100% Top Tier leads.
# Am I guaranteed sales?
Becuase I am not at the buying end, I cannot guarantee sales. Beware of any solo Ads seller who guarantee sales. We only guarantee access to high-quality leads and prospects.
# How much traffic can you deliver in one order?
We offer packages of up to 2,500 clicks on our official page, and if your offer is a good fit, we are willing and capable of delivering well beyond that. If you are looking to place a larger order containing 5,000 clicks to 30,000 clicks or more, message us and we will discuss further details that will make smile at the end.
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