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Brandon Sean
From Malaysia.
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Do you Accept "No Mobile" traffic Orders?
Sorry I dont Accept " No Mobile" orders, but if you really want to get "no mobile" contact me first and show me your offer, we can work something out:)
How many leads do you add dally to your List? Are these FRESH leads?
I currently add  anywhere from 500 - 2000 leads daily, I'm also constantly cleaning my list so that I only keep good fresh and engaged subscriber/leads
Can I Show You My Website/Link/Offer Before I Place An Order With You?
Yes Sure Of Course! :)

Do drop me your link via a PM and I'll be sure to get back to you to let you know if it's a good fit or not.
Can You Email to Your Buyer's List?
When you order from me your offer will be seen to my buyer Filled list. This is my list that have proven to have buyers that has helped many generates sales
Which niche/market offers can I Advertise With you?
At this time I’m primarily focused on serving the Make Money Online, business opportunity and MLM, network marketing offers.I will reject offers outside these niches.
Do you Accept Weight loss, Dating & online E-commerce Store pages Selling physical products?
Sorry as I mentioned earlier, I’m primarily focused on serving the Make Money Online, business opportunity and MLM, network marketing offers. In the future when I do have these leads and list I will let you know
Do I need to provide an Email swipe/Creative when I place an order?
No, you don’t have to. I will prepare all the professionally written ad copy marketing swipes and materials that has consistently help many make a ton of sales for myself and clients in the past. I’ve tested thousands of swipes and have a rolodex of proven swipes that will help you get sales.

All marketing is 100% DONE FOR YOU by Me. All you really need to do is place your order here and I'll send High Quality Bot Free business opportunity clicks directly to your offer/website.
If I reorder again, Will i get fresh new visitor/traffic to my offer?
Yes! I will make sure there will be no repeat traffic to your order, I can do this  by using my own tracking tools.   I have been doing that for years ;) So no visitor will see the same offer twice!
How well will your traffic convert on my lead capture website? what is the optin % rate like?
Although the quality of your lead capture squeeze page is important, I have found that on average the traffic conversions averages between 15% - 50% from click to opt-in lead. Some very high quality pages convert better while others may convert lower. 

For example lower conversions may be due to the overall look and quality of the graphics on the website, the message in the text or font size and color theme, and more entries/fields on the form such as phone number or address will decrease conversions as well.

It is recommended that all traffic be directed to your lead capture page and never sent directly to an offer/ affiliate link directly.

- Note on WEBINAR REGISTRATION Type lead capture pages -
From my experience Webinar Registrations in general with solos tend to have lower optin %
anywhere from 5% to 15%. For that reason I recommend you do non webinar pages but this is entirely up to you.
How long does it take for my order to start and complete?
All orders on udimi, smallest to largest, will be completed in as long as thirty 72 Hours from the start of the traffic. Traffic will start within 24 hours from the time block/day you specified.
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98% United States
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