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A Successfully 'Graced' Entrepreneur With A Network of Varied Business Interests Which Cut Across A Host of Activities In The Home Business Arena.
From United Kingdom.
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About me and my offer
A Successfully 'Graced' Entrepreneur With A Network of Varied Business Interests Which Cut Across A Host of Commercial Activities In Home Business, Human Development, Finance, Real Estate, Education, Publishing, Aviation And Consultancy Related Services. All of Which - The Very Valuable Sum Total Experience & Exposure - Is Now Directly Available For Your Immense Benefit & Profit By Way Of TRAFFIC With A DIFFERENCE That Affects YOUR BOTTOMLINE POSITIVELY! I Look Forward To Adding Value & Serving Your Traffic Needs Profitably Babs :) P.S. Your First Order Results Will Actually Suprise You.ORDER TODAY! :)
What Countries Are Your Traffic Coming From?
My Traffic Comes Mainly From 100% Tier 1 Countries: Which Are Basically From USA, CANADA, UK, NEW ZEALAND And AUSTRALIA. I Do Not Focus On Tier 2 And 3 Countries As In My Many Years Of Experience These Leads Do Not Produce Buying Profits For You The Client At The End Of The Day.
How Many Subscribers Do You Add A Day?
I Add Anywhere Between 500 To 1000+ A Day, Some Days Even A Lot More And I Remove All Those Unresponsive Leads Regularly To Make Sure My List Stays As Responsive As  Possible.
How Many Clicks Can You Send A Day?
I Send Between 500 And 1000 Each Day When Not Fully Booked And Busy With Other Responsibilities.
Do You Send The Email Swipes Or Do I Have To Write My Own
I Wil Write The Swipes For You As I Understand My List A LOT Better And My List Responds Extremely Well To My Emails As Opposed To It Coming From An Unfamiliar Party.
How Fast Can You Start After I Place An Order?
Depending On My Often Very Tight Schedule I Should Be Able To Get It In Within The Next 24 - 36 Hours Or Thereabout Give Or Take; One Thing I Do Assure You Of Is A Prompt & Swift Delivery As Quickly As Possible Assuming There Are No Unforeseen Circumstances.
Where Do You Get Your Leads From?
I Get My Leads Mainly & Mostly From Media Buys So You Will Find Once You Place Your Order Today That My Leads Are Not Your Typical 'Run-Off-The-Mill' Leads That Are Spammed Each & Every Single Day.
What Type Of Offers Convert Well With Your Traffic?
As A Successful Home Business Entrepreneur Of More Than Two Decades Now; My List Loves To Invest Their Money In Make Money Online Products,Biz Opps Offers, & Affiliate Offers In The "Make Money Online (MMO)" Niche.