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I may be new here, but not new to being able to reach an audience that is looking for what you're offering. I get around!
Mildred A Zeiler
From Canada.
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About me and my offer
I may be new around here, but I'm not new to affiliate marketing, nor when it comes to influencing an audience towards a certain product and/or service! Despite being new here, the efforts I've poured into receiving quality traffic on the internet has been paying off on behalf of all those whom I represent since 2008!
How do you reach your audience?
I blog on a regular basis, focusing on products and services that win my attention.  I do this with a few websites I personally own, as well as on behalf of others.  Those blogging efforts have quite often seen favorable indexing results with Google.  That is essential to earning an audience that's looking for whatever it is I've listed the blog's topic about!

I also engage in social media and on various platforms.  I don't just rely on Facebook, nor Twitter to bring attention to something!  Within the social media realm alone, I average about 5000 readers per day between the networks I tap into.
What guarantees can you make?
I can guarantee traffic!  I can, on average, tap into approximately 5000 people per day through social media platforms alone.

With my blogging niche, I have been known to reach as many as 10,000 people per day.  It depends on the topic.

The email marketing lists I have access to ranges between 5000 to 25,000 that can be reached as potential visitors to your landing page.  Again, this depends greatly on the topic involved and what's being sold.

I can guarantee you traffic, but how much traffic depends on what's being sold.  As far as conversions (which matters more) goes, that's up to you and your landing page.

Not only am I an effective influencer, but I also have the "English teacher" point of view when it comes to viewing people's content.  If I see red flags such as poorly strung together content, or spelling/grammar issues, I will point these out!  I do this because I know our mutual success depends heavily on how you've put your own site together!