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I offer HIGH-Quality Traffic, which works best in BizOpp and MMO. 100 % Direct Email Traffic 100 % Tier 1 Traffic (mostly USA)
Jaka Ahacevcic
From Slovenia.
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About me and my offer
Hello, my name is Jaka. If you're looking for HIGH-QUALITY email solo ads to promote your business, or maybe you're new to solo ads and you need a little help with your first campaign, you've come to the right place. I offer PREMIUM Traffic that works best with all kinds of BizOpp, Make Money Online, MLM... offers. I ONLY offer 100% TIER 1 Traffic. If you want only USA traffic, just drop me a line and I will take care of it. FREE CONSULTATION!! I can check your offer and funnel FOR FREE if you're not sure if it is the right fit for my traffic. I'd be happy and honored to help you. I promise you a QUICK RESPONSE. Unless if I sleep or play with my kids, I'll come back to you in under two hours (probably sooner!) The traffic I send you is 100% direct email traffic. ONLY 100% Tier 1 Traffic for you! (mainly from the USA, and some from Canada, UK, and Australia) Always fresh traffic - I keep adding new subscribers to my list - between 500 and 1000 a day, so your solo ads will always be delivered in front of new eyeballs. Try out my traffic and then judge me :)
What is your niche?
I have great, high-quality traffic for Make Money Online, Work From Home, Business Opportunities (Online Business) niches.
What is the average opt-in rate from your traffic?
My buyers usually report high conversion rates, 40, 50, above 50 %. But as you may already know, the opt-in rate greatly depends on your offer and the funnel. There are many variables to consider. So I can't guarantee you results, the only thing that can be guaranteed from me is that you get high-quality, responsive traffic. And with every order you place, 100 % fresh traffic (your repeated orders will get fresh eyeballs).
Can you do USA traffic only?
My traffic comes mainly from the USA, anyway. However, if you'd like to get 100% USA traffic, just leave me a note (message me) and I'll take care of it.
How do I change my link?
I cannot change your link for you. However, you can do it, and the process is really simple.

1. Go to the Info tab of the order.

2. Click on the red "Change Link" button.

3. Enter the URL and submit it.

I will approve your link change from my end after its been submitted.
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