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Paul Edwin Neidig
From United States.
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About me and my offer
If you're looking for a source of fresh and unique traffic that is consistent, scalable and converts into leads and sales... Then You Owe It To Your Business To Try My Traffic... ✔ +90% Tier 1 - Guaranteed! ✔ Minimum 10% OD ✔ Buyers List Included with Many WarriorPlus Members ✔ New Subscribers Added Daily, Lists built from product launch partners and organic traffic ✔ Works excellent with MMO, CPA, BIZOPP, IM, MLM Offers! ✔ Can Deliver Over 300 clicks per day! ✔ Customer Support - I am here for you all along the way, ask me questions at any time ✔ Fast, Consistent Delivery
Is your traffic really 90% T1?
Yes, my email traffic is mostly Tier-1 which consists of visitors that are 85% from the USA & 5% from Canada & United Kingdom. My lists and my email traffic partners build our lists with affiliate and product launch traffic. You will see some Tier-2 and Tier-3 traffic but don't dismiss them. If they are on our lists they are product buyers.
Why don't you sell 100% T1 Traffic like some other traffic sellers do?
While most of my traffic is T1 traffic I do have quite a few buyers from T2 and T3 countries. One of the membership sites that I belong to have quite a few members who are from T2 and T3 countries. Why would you want to exclude product buyers?
You deliver the traffic within 24-72 hours, Can I get it faster?
That is tough to do. My traffic is actual email traffic and not everyone opens their emails at the same time of the day.  I would be very suspicious if I had 200 clicks delivered within a couple of hours.
Do You Guarantee Results?
Yes; however, as with any other traffic provider, while sales are expected, they aren’t guaranteed, as there is no way to predict how subscribers respond to your offer.  Traffic is a numbers game, the more traffic you send the more likely you will achieve sales.
What if I don't have a good landing page?
I will review your landing/optin page prior to processing your order. I will give you suggestions on improving it or will provide a new page for you.
Do I need to have an Opt-In page
You should always use a lead capture page, as the majority of sales are made on the back-end via an email sequence. I’ll still use direct linking to run your campaign; however, you do need to be realistic about the results, as most subscribers do need to see offers a handful of times before committing to making a purchase. If you want to send directly to an offer please contact me first prior to ordering traffic. If it is a free offer that is listed on warriorplus or it is your own product I will be more inclined to send traffic to it.
Do I need to provide my own email swipe?
If you have one, great. I do reserve the right to modify it or change it entirely. If I do that I will provide you with the email(s) that I sent
I want to try your traffic but I don't know what to promote.
Go ahead and send me a message and I will suggest a couple of high converting offers that my partners and I have been promoting and worked well for us.
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