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Khushbu Subhash Sharma
From India.
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About me and my offer
✓100% Top Tier Traffic. ✓ Premium Traffic direct from my own Email list (Strictly No Brokering). ✓ Up to 15% Over delivery. ✓ More than 1000 Fresh Buyer Leads Added Daily. ✓ Fast Delivery Included. ✓ My list is making me $30k+ per Month. ✓ FREE funnel and Landing page review. ✓ Traffic suitable for Biz Opportunity, Crypto, Make Money Online (MMO) (Sorry i can not deliver "No Mobile" traffic!).
How Do You Know I'll Like Your Traffic?
Well if you like the freshest (today), most responsive online traffic there is on the planet… then you will like my traffic. So if you buy, i can almost guarantee you’re going to buy again.
Can You Separate Mobile Traffic from Desktop Traffic for Me So I Only Get Desktop?
Unfortunately not. It would cost me literally 9 times more to generate desktop only traffic... because overall 80-90% of all traffic on the internet today is on mobile. We now live in a mobile world and it's only going to become more and more mobile in the future years. I highly advise you to use squeeze page that is mobile friendly or make sure that yours is!
Are there any guarantees ?
YES! I guarantee to deliver your traffic on time, I guarantee it's going to be 100% real traffic (no fake clicks or bots here) .
Is your Traffic 100% Top Tier ?
Yes, My Traffic is 100% Top Tier (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom).
Which niche offers can i advertise with you ?
At this time i primarily focus on serving the Internet Marketing, Make Money Online MMO,  Crypto and Business Opportunity Markets.
Is this Buyer Traffic ?
Yes, it is. According to the recent marketing study done by Psychology Today, people rationalize buying decisions with logic, but they make buying decisions based on feelings. This means, when the right brain cells are triggered, people will buy regardless of time limitations, budget limitations or knowledge limitations. That's why, as long as basic demographic targeting is in place (African citizens aren't likely to have a credit card so it's no use asking them to purchase something on the internet where all purchases are done through credit cards), the only parameter which qualifies a buyer is their emotional state. And that's exactly what you get with my Solo Ads. Emotionally-engaged prospects who have decided to suspend rational thinking and skepticism for a while, giving you a shot at making your case and signing up into your Business Opportunity.
Do i need to provide an Email Swipe ?
No, you do not. All Email Swipes are created and written personally by Professional Copywriters for each and every campaign.
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